Xavier lewis, aka Xay Zoleil…

Xavier Lewis, aka Xay Zoleil, is an American dancer, musician, writer, comedian, and DJ. Xavier has been teaching and performing in the Atlanta area for almost 10 years. Xavier is currently the Dance Director for Grayson High School and teaches at many studios in and around the metro-Atlanta area. Xavier has also been a background dancer for musical artists, such as B.O.B. Xavier has received multiple awards for choreography. Xavier directs and produces two dance concerts a year. Xavier recently signed a contract to be a part of the traveling dance intensive, Elevate Dance Workshop.

In 2015, Xay released his very first solo musical project, Paradise Garage, featuring the eletro-pop single “So Bumpy”. In 2017, Xavier and his writing partner, Molly McClintock, debuted their new talk show, “Around Town with Molly”, which highlights key figures in politics, entertainment, sports, and city life in and around the Metro-Atlanta area. In December of 2018, Xay released his first studio album, People of Pangea, which tackles the idea of global revolution, as well as dismantling the establishment. Xavier has received multiple awards for choreography and directs and produces two dance concerts a year.


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