Coming from the Greek word 'zoe,' Zoetic means of or relating to life, living, vital. We are an all-female dance company creating works and programs inspired by the vitality and artistry of the feminine spirit. Our artists are real women. Our ambition is to embody the voice(s) of femininity of every kind. Collaboratively we celebrate women's strength, beauty, complexity and vigor through performance, multimedia and education programs.  


Zoetic Dance is an all-female non-profit organization committed to the presentation of innovative, athletic and vivid dance, movement and multimedia.  

Combining dance + film, under the direction of Mallory Lyles Baxley, Zoetic embodies the dynamic shifts of strength and power through time and space, as seen through a female lens. The work of Zoetic aims to encompass the aspects of compelling storytelling through movement, in an effort to challenge audiences to accept, engage and embrace the unknown, the unpredictable and the unflinching commitment to innovation and artistry in dance. 

We are a team of strong women, led by strong women. Our passion for female expression drives and inspires us to create work centered on celebrating our feminine spirit, power and ambitions.  


Zoetic Dance Ensemble celebrates the power of the female spirit through dynamic performance works rooted in a creative exchange that empowers artists to lead and learn.