Become a Member of Zoetic's Board of Directors


Your objective

As a member of the Board of Directors of Zoetic Dance Ensemble, Inc., potential members have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that the organization makes the best possible effort in pursuit of its goals. 

Your responsibilites

  • Provide governance including design, approval, and implementation of policies and procedures; 
  • Participation in and support of activities aimed at strategic planning in support of Zoetic's programs and services; 
  • Provide oversight for budgets, actively participate in fundraising activities and planning;
  • Contributing annual dues and securing cash gifts;
  • Support and foster Zoetic's mission and act as an advocate for Zoetic in our community;
  • Attend 75% of Board meetings held annually;
  • Work with Zoetic' creative leader(s), other member of the Board, volunteers and other stakeholders to ensure that the commitment to Zoetic will be met.


if you are intersted in being a member of zoetic's board of directors, email henry baxley, at