Zoetic Ambassador Program

The goal of Zoetic’s Ambassador Program is to engage with loyal supporters, partners and friends of Zoetic who will represent the company in a positive way and embody the company’s brand, mission, and values. Ambassadors of Zoetic are those who are passionate about women’s issues, dance and the arts, equality and social justice, arts education, and being a part of continuing conversations centering on creating and sharing art through feminine perspectives. Zoetic is passionate to create partnerships with individuals and other brands who are aligned with our vision of uplifting women and creating spaces for feminine voices and stories to be heard.



Our Ambassadors endorse and promote Zoetic to their network of supporters, helping to grow Zoetic’s community reach and promote larger audience engagement through their partnership with the organization.

• Endorse Zoetic through social media and outreach •

• Help grow Zoetic’s audience, student and supporter database •

• Promote Zoetic and related events •

• Support Zoetic’s mission and goals •   




Those who lend their creative skills to the Zoetic including, but not limited to, choreography, instruction, photography, music composition, etc. This is someone who works with Zoetic Dance company members to create content and art work with the purpose of supporting both the Creative Artist and Zoetic. Creative Ambassadors engage in partnership initiatives with Zoetic, working towards a common goal of audience growth and participation through collaboration.   


Those who will act as brand advocates of Zoetic Dance, with skills focused in, but not limited to, marketing, community outreach, non-profits, networking, etc. These are partners with innovative ideas who are passionate about building relationships, and engaging potential supporters of Zoetic. Brand Ambassadors connect their network of supports with Zoetic to help strengthen both the Ambassador’s and Zoetic’s scope of influence.

If you're intersted in being an Ambassador for Zoetic, email Katie-Beth@zoeticdance.org for more information.