I am curious to create work through athleticism, integrity and dynamism that connects meaning with movement. I search for movement’s capacity to communicate the complexities and nuances of actuality, through varied perspectives and contexts.  As a creator of dance, I am also a facilitator of movement, discovery and candid exchange, in order to uncover organic motion and honest expression.


Mallory Baxley is the Artistic Director of Zoetic Dance Ensemble. Through creative exploration, Mallory develops a range of movement vocabulary definitive of Zoetic’s aesthetic of physicality, strength and integration. Mallory began working with Zoetic in high school, and in 2007 collaborated to create film work for Zoetic’s Dirty Pretty at 7 Stages in Atlanta. After years of dancing with Zoetic, Mallory took on the role of Artistic Director in 2014. Her work has been shown throughout Georgia at the Infinite Energy Center (2017), Synchronicity Theatre (2017), the Masquerade (2016), West End Performing Arts Center (2016), Terminal West (2015), The University of Georgia in Athens, GA (2015), The Mammal Gallery (2014), The Music Room (2014), various locations on the Atlanta Beltline for Art on the Beltline (2014), Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA (2014), Skwhirlhaus (2013), BlabberMouthATL (2013) and Dance Chance ATL (2013). Mallory's work has also be shown in cities including Detroit, MI (Kristi Faulkner's REGENERATION, 2016), San Francisco, CA (RAW Artists, 2016) and Chicago, IL (Core Project’s Going Dutch, 2015 & 2016). Her film work has been shown at MINT Gallery (2015), Victory Sandwich Bar (2014), ColorWheel in Decatur, GA (2014), Material Witness Art Exhibit at Agnes Scott College (2013), Atlanta Contemporary Museum (2012), 7 Stages (2007;2008) and the AUX Film Festival in Athens, GA (2011). Mallory has trained in all forms of dance at Chambers Performing Arts in Suwanee, GA, and has attended various dance intensives included Point Park University’s International Summer Dance Program and the American Dance Festival in New York. Mallory received her BFA in Dance from the University of GA in 2011 and was a 4-year member of CORE Concert Dance Company, under the direction of Bala Sarasvati.