LUX examines the complexities of reality and fantasy through movements of strength, power and frenzy. Society’s disconnect from tragedy is questioned through the chaotic spiral of what we consider to be normal. Striving against the simplicities of the mundane, LUX takes a glimpse into the visceral experience of fear and denial. When was the first time you realized you weren’t safe from the world around you? This is the question that sets LUX on its journey through finding that moment when it all went wrong. White picket fences and the ideals of youth, beauty and laughter serve as the backdrop against a contrasted reality of unpredictability.

Choreographed by Mallory Baxley. Premiered at the University of Georgia in CORE Concert Dance Company’s 2015 Spring Dance Concert. Performed by Zoetic (2015).

LUX has also been shown at Ponce City Market for General Assembly’s Pop-Up Art Show with, danceDanceDANCE! in downtown Decatur, and will be shown this summer at Terminal West for RAW Artist’s on June 17, as well at Zoetic’s Small Plates 2015 showing at Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education on June 20.