Leah Roth

Leah Roth Photography

Atlanta, GA

I'm a Kansas native that has been living and working in Atlanta for most of my adult life.

Photography has been a passion of mine since my father introduced me to a camera when I was a child. We had a darkroom in our basement where he would spend hours developing photos.

In college, my degree focus was in Photography. I've been shooting professionally since 2007 having worked with hundreds of clients.

I love capturing portraits with my most favorite being dance, beauty, and fashion.

It's my goal to give everyone I work with an amazing photography experience. One they will remember forever and empower them to be their best self.


Zoetic has celebrated 10 amazing years of working with Leah Roth! Roth is the one responsible for capturing Zoetic's creative imagery and dance photography through her unique lens and creative vision. We are honored to continue this magical relationship with one of Atlanta's BEST in Dance Photography.