Inside voices



Inside Voices is an ode to all women who have had to forge their path through this sometimes dark and arduous world.  The piece centers around a young woman who is weighed down by years of self doubt, and a voice inside her head of overwhelming criticism and self deprecation.  We watch the journey of her coming of age in a society which constantly demands perfection to the point of her breaking down from the weight of her destructive thoughts.  Once there, she realizes her only options are to stay down, or rise from the depths to become the woman she wants to be for herself.  We see her transition into a stronger, more empowered force with her inside voice changing to one of acceptance and self appreciation.  This piece represents the rollercoaster journey of all women battling the demands of society, and the desire to turn away from it all to focus on becoming the women we want to be for ourselves.  Inside Voices was choreographed on Zoetic Dance Ensemble by Sarah Wildman for the 2017 festival, ASSEMBLE in Detroit, MI.