Since the company's inception in 2001 by founders Melanie Lynch-Blanchard and Candess Giyan, Zoetic has supported the growth of countless dance artists in the Atlanta community. Through innovative programs such as the Zoetic Dance Exchange, Small Plates and MIXTAPE, Zoetic has continuously fostered opportunity for exploration, creativity, training and performance to emerging dancers, choreographers and artists. This includes the company's leadership transition in 2014, when former Artistic Director Melanie Lynch-Blanchard handed over the directorship to company member, Mallory Lyles Baxley. Since working and training with the company starting in high school, Baxley was taken under the wing of Blanchard, and mentored throughout her dance career, taking over as the company's current Artistic Director. 

Zoetic is, has and always will be a collection of the women's voices and bodies that have expressed volumes of stories, lessons, laughs, and endless strength. Each woman that has been a part of Zoetic, has contributed to the many layers of passion and character that has shaped and melded the company into the force it is today. As it relates to life, Zoetic is the living, vital heart and core of women everywhere.  

melanie lynch blanchard

founder/drag mother 

Melanie Lynch Blanchard and Candess Giyan founded Zoetic Dance Ensemble to create a platform for their shared values: artistry, athleticism, collaboration and fun. Since 2001, Zoetic has established a strong culture of creation that exemplifies the power of the female body and spirit, resulting in the production of deeply personal and highly relatable dance performances and programs. 

For ten years, Melanie designed and upheld Zoetic’s mission to celebrate the power of the female spirit through dynamic performance works rooted in a creative exchange that empowers artists to lead and learn. Through a consistent focus on quality programming delivered by passionate, professional artists, and thriving on a structure of committed participation and collaborative partnerships, Zoetic has produced highly acclaimed, award-winning performances and programs that engage and inspire.

Melanie’s work is truly multidisciplinary and collaborative, inspired by the interactive nature of dance, engaging artists and audiences in a reciprocal relationship for a moment in time with a lasting impact.

Melanie’s forward-thinking approach to Zoetic’s development continues with the transition of artistic leadership to Mallory Baxley, an artist whose long-standing commitment to Zoetic is evident throughout her career. Regarding this process, Melanie says: “Mallory exemplifies Zoetic’s vision, and is a true representation of the kind of artist, dancer and woman we value. She is a seeker, a storyteller, and a fearless leader who I am proud to have as a drag daughter!”