Bites back


“Look at us. We’re legends.” Standing in the cold, staring down the terrain. Ahead howling in a fog of frigid ice and air. Girls turned into women. Hard knocks. Through sweat, through tears, through blood, through calling out to your sisters. Screaming a call to arms, fall in, ready to march. Biting back, a battle anthem for the true heroes.

Bites Back is a work in progress. It is a piece navigating moments of vulnerability, searching for inner truth and strength. Bites Back is a journey towards a fight for survival, equality and the chance to be heard. This work is a quiet riot before a storm of fury and uproar. In an exertion of physicality and emotion, the dancers ask their audience for understanding and acceptance, proving their voices strong and visions clear. Bites Back is every woman and man’s plight to be heard, to be accepted, and to persevere.


Choreographed by Mallory Baxley, Performed by Zoetic Dance Ensemble for RAW Artists ATL at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. 2017